KeyMe: Keystroke Injection Framework
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Follow this set of instructions for getting started with KeyMe on The Glitch.

Step 1: Download Files

Download the KeyMe files here. This will contain contain the firmware, source code, and documentation.

It is recommended to copy over the extracted KeyMe directory to the Micro SD card used by The Glitch for reference.

Step 2: Loading the Firmware

Follow the guide in The Glitch Documentation on loading the KeyMe.cpp.hex firmware.

Step 3: Copy Modules Directory

Copy the keymods directory to the root of the Micro SD card. If the directory is not in the root, then the firmware will fail to access the files.

Step 4: Test

Set the DIP switch to launch Module 1. Open a text editor on a computer. Plug in The Glitch and allow it to type out the help for each module.

Step 5: Create Modules

Create Module to launch.