KeyMe: Keystroke Injection Framework
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KeyMe: Keystroke Injection Framework Documentation

The KeyMe firmware allows users to create modules for Keyboard emulation for The Glitch. Users can configure a key injection module to browse a specific website, download and install an app, change system configuration, and anything else you can do with a keyboard (which is a lot!). Once plugged into the USB port, The Glitch will launch the user defined module by typing hundreds of keys a minute flawlessly. The documentation for this project will walk you through, step-by-step, configuring, and launching your own payloads, as well as provide a few examples.

Users can select to run the payload as a command, a script, an executable, or using a special Keyboard control scripting language called HIDIScript, against Windows, Linux, and OSX. KeyMe will take care of opening the command prompt for you, all you need to supply is the payload.